Psssst. I know this is totally against the norm, but you don’t need a major event to document your life. A couples session is the perfect date night to forget about all the work drama and bills due. This is the time to celebrate existing together and what that means to you. Make pancakes together in your home on a Saturday morning, or lay entangled in a wildflower meadow soaking up the last bit of that warm golden light. There is always a need for more connection AND more photos. 

Documenting life in all seasons

 the glorious and the mundane 

Embrace the awkward

The number one thing people say to me during pre-booking conversations is they feel nervous because they're awkward. Girl, I GET it! We are so used to being our own worst critics, and if you're like me, you've let that stop you from doing something you really want to. 

If we're honest, it can feel awkward being in front of the camera at first. Around here, we do things scared. I’ll guide you from those feelings of awkwardness to embracing all the things that your lover loves about you. In the end, my hope is that you’ll love those things, too. 

let's do it

client love

She helped my camera shy boyfriend get out of his comfort zone and documented some of the most BEAUTIFUL photos of us. These are photos that we'll cherish forever.

Brittany & Davon

You've already found your match. Are we a match, too?  

Session investment begins at $1040

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